Born in Belfast, Geoffrey Nawn is a contemporary artist, writer and curator. After living mostly in England, he has been based in Canada since 2001. He graduated in Architecture in the UK, followed by post graduate studies in Art History and a Masters Degree in Fine Art. He has worked as a Production Designer and a Creative Director for the BBC, designing major Film Dramas and Television Productions across the fields of Entertainment, Music, Lifestyle, Documentary, Culture and Politics. He was Head of Design and Creative Director for “FutureWorld”, the BBC’s unique and defining Millennium project. In Canada, he founded and ran a multi-disciplinary Design practice.

As an artist, he has exhibited widely in group and solo shows across the UK and now in Canada. His Art practice is focused on Painting which he sees as a site of both philosophical and aesthetic inquiry. He founded Gnstudio Contemporary Art as a gallery for serious art in Oakville, Ontario. From 2009 to 2016, he programmed and curated group and solo exhibitions featuring major, established artists and emerging artists. “The Geoffrey Nawn Art Blog” represents a continuation of the ideals promoted at the gallery.

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